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[FANFIC] Maybe this time (2/3)

Title: Maybe This Time
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Author: heartlit_fate
Genre: Drama, Romance
Length: Triple-shot (2/3)
Rating: R
Summary: Jaejoong and Yunho called it quits. After they both separated into two different groups, they weren't able to communicate with each other and therefore they grew farther apart. But what if chances wanted them to meet again?
A/N: Contains slightly rated scenes at the end. After writing this part two, l decided that all the YunJae moments that can be related to this song wouldn't fit in 2 parts so I'm making this a triple-shot. :D Sorry for the long wait. Enjoy! Comments are loved, as always <3
(Click for part 1)


- - -
 It's the same old feeling back again; it's the one that they had back when they were too young to know when love is real.

That night, Yunho slept with a smile on his face. He knew that going back to Korea was a big risk, it was an all or nothing situation: it was either Jaejoong talked to him or Jaejoong didn’t. He was really glad that Jaejoong chose the former and decided to put all things aside for the rekindling of their past relationship. It made him happy that after 8 years with no communication, nothing changed.
Jaejoong on the other hand was unpleased at himself; he didn’t know why he forgave Yunho so easily. He never did get mad at Yunho before but he didn’t answer his calls and they never got to talk for 8 years and he just smiled at him and waved ‘good night’ like nothing ever happened. It made him remember the yesteryears; they’d fight over something so little, and make up without a hint of the argument beforehand. It has always been like that for the two of them.
“Why is your piggybank empty?” Jae asked as he lifted up the water bottle where Yunho always places the money he saves from everyday’s sideline.
“It got full and I decided to buy clothes for us.” Yunho smiled as he gave Jaejoong some of the paperbags he was holding, the other paperbags were splattered on the floor.
Jaejoong just looked at the bags then at him, his vision melting Yunho as he stared with great intensity.
“Is there something wrong?” Yunho asks, sensing something wrong with the atmosphere.
“You said you’d buy me my favorite food!” Jaejoong finally explodes, crossing his arms and glaring at Yunho in the process, trying to appear as scary as he can be.
“Don’t tell me you're mad at me.” Yunho appeases. He chose to buy clothes because they needed it if they were planning to audition for SM Entertainment at the end of the week, thus, he forgot all about his promise of treating his best friend to dinner.
“Don’t talk to me.” Jaejoong shrugs and pouts, doing both simultaneously. Yunho just chuckled at the cute display in front of him.
“I'm sorry Jae, but you know we need to look presentable come audition time.” Yunho says as he puts both his hands on either sides of Jae's shoulders and gives them a small squeeze.
Jaejoong just pouts harder, trying to appear as if he was still angry. Not knowing why he felt warm, he felt safe when he felt those hands come in contact with his body. “...but you promised.”
“Don't I always do what I promise?” Yunho smiles, aware of the other's softening.
“You don't.”
“Tell you what, for now, we can just share ramen, but I promise you that when I get my first paycheck after we become stars, I'm treating you to your favorite dinner in town.” Yunho convinces, patting Jae's head, ruffling his hair in the process.
Jaejoong's smile turns into a frown; not because of what has been said but because of the action Yunho did after talking. You don't pat your bestfriend on the head, he's not your dog or your cat or whatever. Then what should you do to your bestfriend? A voice inside Jae's head calls. Hug him? Kiss him? Do those things count as what bestfriends actually do? It's wrong Jaejoong, you're both men.
Jaejoong answers the voice in his head, talking to him in his mind, telling him that nothing's actually wrong because nothing's supposed to be wrong. He continues reasoning out that he just doesn't want Yunho to act as if he's a pet. Then how would you like him to act? As your lover? The voice retaliates. And at the mention of the L word, Jaejoong chokes.
“Jae! Jae! Are you okay?” Yunho asks warily as he observes Jaejoong's face. Seeing as the guy in front of him wouldn't be able to respond soon, he rushed to the kitchen and came back with a glass of water. “Here, drink this.”
Jae drinks and as he stares at Yunho's eyes, he feels his heartbeat go fast. He chokes once more as he realizes what he really was feeling. He wanted Yunho to treat him to dinner because he wanted to know what it would feel like to go out on a date with him. Now he understood why he'd try to pair up with Yunho every chance he got, that's why he's also auditioning for SM Entertainment – to be with Yunho. Now he knew the reason why: he liked him. More like love. The voice inside his head rebutts once more. Jae wasn't convinced. No, it's just infatuation. We're best friends, for whoever's sake, he tries to convince himself.
Yunho sees Jae spacing and without further ado, he carries him to the bedroom.
“Yah! What are you doing?”
“I think you're sick Jae.” Yunho places his hand on Jae's forehead as he puts him down to lie on bed. “You're hot.”
Jae smiles at the malice he puts on the words, but he just shakes his head. “I'm not.”
Yunho stands, unyielding. “Wait.” He turns around and exits the room. After a few seconds, the clash of pots and frying pans were heard in the kitchen.
Two 15-year olds, facing the world alone, of course they'd depend on each other. Jaejoong tried to convince himself once and again. This wasn't love. This was just longing since he didn't have someone else special aside from Yunho.
15 minutes passed and Jaejoong was still convincing himself; but as he saw Yunho enter the room,  a bowl of ramen in one hand, saying “This is the only thing we've got. I hope this helps.” then he raises the spoon, blows it to make sure it isn't hot and then feeds Jaejoong with it, Jaejoong knew that right then and there, he didn't want to give a name for whatever it was that he was feeling. He just wanted to be in the other's presence. Seeing Yunho care so much about him, he knew that Yunho felt the same way too.
This is better than any first date you can think of, right? His inner voice says. For once, Jaejoong doesn’t argue.
- - -
But somehow some things never change, and even time hasn't cooled the flame. It's burning even brighter than it did before. They've got another chance and if they take it.
Jaejoong woke up to the smell of pancakes and to the sound of plates being placed on the table. He ran a hand through his hair, rubbed his eyes and yawned a bit as he walked out of bed and slipped onto his slippers. He opened the door and walked to the kitchen to find a certain Jung Yunho preparing breakfast for him.
Hearing footsteps nearing him, Yunho turned around and looked at the smaller guy from up to down before handing him a robe. “Here, I knew you’d come out naked.” Yunho laughed and went back to what he was doing – cutting the oranges to prepare a fresh orange fruit shake.
“Huh?” Jaejoong was slowly coming to his senses. He looked down at his body and quickly wore the robe when he saw that he wasn’t wearing anything.
“You always sleep naked, remember?” Yunho smiled. “It’s not the 1st time I’m preparing breakfast for you and you come out with nothing to wear.”
Jaejoong nodded, sitting on his usual seat in the dining table, eyes still half-closed as he struggled to answer even though it looks like anytime soon, he’ll be dozing off again. “And how’d you get my bath robe?”
Yunho puts the fruits on the blender and answers Jaejoong before pressing the green button. “You always hang your robe in the bathroom, just beside your hand towel and storage cabinet.”
Jaejoong just stared. He didn’t know that he still remembered despite everything, despite the distance, despite their 8 years ignorance. He didn’t feel the need to ask how Yunho got in, if he remembered this much then he was sure he also remembered his door password. It was their birthdays together, 0626. Jaejoong smiled a bit as he slowly processed everything. “Glad you still remember.”
Yunho just smiles as he finally finished blending the fruit shake and pours down its content on the 2 glasses laid out in front of him. After doing so, he places one glass beside Jaejoong and sips on the other. “Hmm. Tasty.”
“I can't believe you remember all this stuff.” Jaejoong exclaimed as he looked at the breakfast prepared in front of him. Strawberry pancakes topped with almonds and cinnamon, and a freshly-squeezed orange fruit shake – it was his definition of the perfect breakfast.
“Of course I still do.” Yunho chuckled. “How can you expect me to forget?”
Jaejoong was about to eat a slice of his pancake when he remembered that he was supposed to be mad. He didn't answer his calls. “For one, you didn't answer my calls. For two, you answered Yoosu's calls. For three, I don't know, you never contacted me?!” Jaejoong's voice was getting higher and higher by the minute. He knew he was getting angry, but he didn't care unlike before, because now: he had someone to calm him down.
“Jae, listen. My cellphone got lost the moment I stepped on Barcelona. I think I left it on the taxi or maybe at the airport, I don't remember. I never meant not to answer your calls.” Yunho said in a soothing tone that he knew would calm Jae down. “YooSu got my number because they were pestering Changmin everytime, and we talked about you, a lot. I tried to tell them to let me contact you but they said that when they tried to open up the topic, you were so keen on ignoring it that you immediately pretended to play deaf or change the topic immediately.”
Jaejoong had tears in his eyes. He remember Junsu's voice telling him “Hyung, about Yunho hyung...if you really want to contact him...” and then him answering that “Oh look Su! It's soccer on the TV” and Junsu would just sigh and look at the TV with a failed expression. He didn't know it was that bad. He thought Yunho just didn't want to answer his calls.
“I tried contacting you for a week.” Jaejoong whispers.
“Jae, I got a new cellphone after a month. I couldn't buy one because I didn't know how to buy. No one spoke english in the malls, and you know I'm not that good in English anyways. I tried and tried and ended up failing. Good thing my sister met a friend there, and she asked her to buy one for me.” Yunho explained, holding Jaejoong's hand as he spoke, rubbing his fingers on his.
“But you never tried to contact me.” Jae sobbed, some tears staining his shirt, some falling down on their connected hands.
“I tried to contact you. You blocked my number.” Yunho answered.
Jae sobbed louder as he remembered that he indeed blocked Yunho's number after the guy didn't answer his calls for a week. “You didn't change your number? Why?”
“I went through a lot just to get my old number back. I had this tiny expectation that you'd somehow try to call me again, but you didn't. I thought you'd already moved on.” Yunho wiped Jaejoong's tears away and kissed his forehead. “I'm sorry for leaving you. At that time, I just wasn't sure how to go on with life with all this JYJ and HoMin stuff and all the fans expecting. I needed a break to rest, to mature and to just sort things out. I promise you, I'll never leave you again.”
“You and your promises.” Jaejoong smiled genuinely, his face showing how he'd already forgave the person in front of him. He went in and dove straight for Yunho's lips, pecking it three times before fully taking it in his.
Yunho willingly replied to the kiss, hands going straight to both sides of Jaejoong's face as he dug deeper tasting every inch of the other's scent.
Their hands were all over each other as Jaejoong started to suck and bite Yunho's lower lip, his tongue lingering slightly on Yunho's mole on top of his upper lip. Yunho tried to suck on Jaejoong's lip but as he opened his mouth, Jaejoong's tongue slipped in and tasted every corner of his mouth from his teeth to his molar, intertwining his tongue with his in the process. Yunho was startting to feel hot and he did what a rational person would do when faced with Kim Jaejoong's tongue – moan.
“Jae.” Yunho said into the kiss, pulling back slightly, earning a whimper from the man in front of him. “I'm really sorry. Please forgive me?”
“You have to make it up.” Jaejoong replied, tongue slowly coming out from between his lips in an attempt to seduce,  his hand was slowly finding its way inside Yunho's tight fit polo, resting on the muscles in his chest area.
“You're feeling really horny, now, aren't you?” Yunho teased, pulling Jaejoong into his lap. He then sliced a piece of the pancake and brought it to Jaejoong's lips. Jaejoong gladly ate it. “How is it?”
“Not bad.” Jaejoong smiled. This was indeed far more better than what Yunho made 8 years back. “You got better in cooking. I'm proud of you.”
Yunho grinned in triumph. “I practiced.”
“But you know what would taste better?” Jaejoong sliced a pancake and fed it to Yunho. Yunho gladly opened his mouth for the pancake but when he was about to close it, Jaejoong rushly kissed him and their tongues intertwined with them both savoring the pancake and each other's mouth. “Mmmm.” Jaejoong moaned, brought to cloud nine by the two tastes he loved most in the word – Strawberry pancakes and Yunho.
“I want you.” Yunho said into the kiss. Hearing Jaejoong moan made him aroused.
Jaejoong teasingly pulled back. “Those weren't the three words I wanted to hear.”
Chuckling, Yunho kissed his forehead and then leaned in to bore his gaze into his lover's beautiful brown orbs. “I love you, Jae. Always have, always will.”
Yunho knew Jaejoong was satisfied with the answer when he took Yunho's hand and led them to the bedroom. Yunho took the lead and carried Jaejoong, earning a joking hit or two in the process and when he laid Jaejoong on the bed, he knew that this was the epitome of the perfect life he'd always dreamed of. Because his epitome of the perfect life was him and Jaejoong, together, forever.
Yunho was about to lean down when Jaejoong cut him off. “Before you kiss me, I have something to tell you.”
“What's that, boo?”
“We are together again, right?” Jaejoong asked.
Yunho answered matter-of-factly. “Of course.”
“Good. 'Cause this time, I'm never letting you go.” Jaejoong smiled and took Yunho's lip in his.

Next part.
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