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[FANFIC] Maybe this time (3/3)

Title: Maybe This Time
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Genre: Drama, Romance
Length: Triple-shot (3/3)
Rating: PG
Summary: Jaejoong and Yunho called it quits. After they both separated into two different groups, they weren't able to communicate with each other and therefore they grew farther apart. But what if chances wanted them to meet again?

A/N: Last part divided into two parts. The post was too big for LJ. I might update the 2nd part today depending on the motivation I get from the comments. Enjoy! Comments are loved. ♥

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- - - - 
He's smiling like he used to smile way back then-

“I'm glad for the two of you, I really am.” Changmin congratulated Yunho as he stood beside the groom. “All those years of cockblocking at the very least, led to something.” He joked and Yunho couldn't help but smile his happy smile.
“Thank you so much, Min. You've been a blessing to us, really.” Yunho said sappily, tears starting to form in his eyes. He was very nervous, this was what it felt like to be a groom; both excited and happy at the same time. He was happy to have met the 4 members of DBSK. Their friendship was something that cannot be broken by distance and trials, and the last 10 years had already proven that.
“No need to be all dramatic with me, hyung. I'm not the Changmin 10 years ago, I already have wife and kids.” Changmin joked and Yunho can just laugh. “But I'm glad to be your best man.”
“But you're still our love child, Min.”
Changmin rolled his eyes. “Oh please, save that for Karam.” He pointed to the D.NA member seated in  the third row of the church, looking around for signs of the other groom.
Yunho just laughed.
He's feeling like he used to feel way back when-
“Ok. Inhale, exhale. Breathe. Oh my god sun, I'm so nervous.” Junsu exclaimed, fanning his self using his hand and fixing the tie of his tuxedo.
“Oh please Su, you're not the one getting married.” Yoochun answered back, his eyes were focused on the road in front of him. He was waiting for the groom's bridal car, as termed by Junsu.
“But, I'm really happy for them. After all this years, when Jaejoong cried to us and drank all night, he was so messed up for 8 years and I'm really happy that now he's happy. All the hardships, the trials, the antis, the distance, the-” Junsu stopped when he saw Yoochun facing the other direction, his shoulders shaking. “Chunnie? Don't tell me you're crying?”
“I'm no-not.” Yoochun stammered trying to hide his sobs.
“I'm just happy, okay?! I'm Jaejoong's best friend. He tells me everything. And for him to finally get the happy ending he deserves...” Yoochun sobbed again, his tears staining his suit but he didn't care. He wanted to cry tears of joy for his best friend since their debut, December 26, 2003. It has been 17 years. He has been waiting for this for 17 years. He knew that Yunho and Jaejoong just had to end up together the first time he saw the way the both of them looked at each other.

“I know, I know.” Junsu hushed the crybaby in front of him. He cradled him for minutes until he finally calmed down.
“Yoochun, are you okay?” A voice asks them that sends them out from their stupor. They both turned around to see who called him.
“Jaejoong!” They both forgot their dramatic scenario. Junsu quickly fixed his shirt while Yoochun wiped his remaining tears. “When'd you arrive?” Junsu asked.
“Just now.” He smiled at Junsu then turned around to face Yoochun. “Yah Park Yoochun! What happened?”
Yoochun just looks at his best friend up and down. Even in his white suit and pink tie, he looked beautiful. More than beautiful, even. “You look beautiful. I'm really really happy for-” And Yoochun broke down again.
Jaejoong, still clueless from whatever was happening, turned to Junsu. “Su, what's with him?”
Junsu just chuckles and pats Yoochun at the back. “He's just really happy for you, Jae.” Su hugs Jae and Chun joins the hug. “We've been waiting for this for years. We're really really happy for you Jae.”
Jae smiles as he succumbs into the hug. “Thank you, guys. I feel really nervous.” He takes a deep breath as the three of them went to the back of the entourage line.
Instead of Jaejoong's parents, Junsu and Yoochun were appointed to escort him to Yunho. Jaejoong's real and foster parents knew that what the 5 of them shared was something more than that of brothers, more than that of family. It was something intangible. And since Changmin wanted to be the best man, him insisting that it was “manlier”, then the two of them were left for the task of escorting Jaejoong to the aisle.
The flower girl started spreading the flowers, all eyes on her. It was Changmin's 1st born.
Then the ring-bearer, Changmin's 2nd born.

Jaejoong's 8 sisters.
Then before JiHye walked, she turned around to give Jaejoong a smile then proceded to walk down the aisle.
After all of them were done walking, it was Jaejoong's turn.
“I'm so nervous.” He exclaims. “I'm more nervous now than when we sang on concerts years ago.”
Yoosu just smiles. “Here we go. You're perfect, Jae. Now, smile.”
Then they started walking.
they tried, but something kept them..
All eyes were on Jaejoong as he walked down the aisle. The guests, only close family and friends, gasped. Jaejoong was indeed, a very beautiful being.
Jaejoong turned to his left and saw his fellow entertainment friends, his best friends in the industry and the staff who've always helped them may it be in albums, songs, photoshoots, and everything that contributed to their huge success.
Jaejoong looked to his right and saw his real and foster parents, together, urging him on with tears on their eyes. Jaejoong began to tear up at the sight.
Before handing him over to the groom, Jaejoong received hugs from both Yoochun and Junsu. Before they went to hug Yunho. Changmin hugged him too while whispering “You know I don't like to touch men, but for now, you're an exception.” He laughed and Jaejoong just had to smile.
Yunho's parents hugged Jae before walking over to where Jae's real and foster parents sat.
After everyone was finished, it was time for him to meet the other groom. He walked closer, meeting Yunho's gaze. Yunho's palm extended to him, laying him out, asking for his hand. He gladly gave it and the former pulled him to the altar, never taking their eyes off each other.
This was it.
   ..waiting for this "magic moment"

After the usual wedding rites i.e. insertion of rings on the ring finger, it was now the time to exchange vows.
The priest recited a whole sentence of what was to be answered with the typical-
“I do.” Yunho said, smiling lovingly at Jaejoong. His vision was blurry, probably because of the tears that hounded his eyes, but it didn't matter. All he knew was that this was the best day of his whole life.
The priest nodded and turned to Jaejoong, repeating what he asked Yunho. At the end of the question, Jaejoong nodded and answered with an-
“I do.” Jaejoong looked back at Yunho. His eyes full of love, of compromise, of promises, and of ever-afters. He never knew that he'd get this ending with Yunho. Heck, he felt like destroying himself at the 8 years they've been apart. But 2 years after Yunho came back, here they were. In each other's arms.
“Then I now pronounce you, husband and husband!” The priest said. “You may-”
But he was cut off when Yunho scooped Jaejoong into his arms, and kissed him with so much love and care. The crowd inside the church cheered right after.
Then and there, Yunho and Jaejoong knew that this was the start of a perfect life.

     Indeed, there was sunshine after the rain.   


Tags: drama, fic, rating: pg, romance, triple-shot, yunjae
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