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[FANFIC] Maybe this time (Epilogue)

Title: Maybe This Time
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Genre: Drama, Romance
Length: Triple-shot (3/3)
Rating: R
Summary: Jaejoong and Yunho called it quits. After they both separated into two different groups, they weren't able to communicate with each other and therefore they grew farther apart. But what if chances wanted them to meet again?

A/N: Here's the epilogue aka BONUS CHAP! :D Thank you, so much, for the comments. It means so much. Enjoy! <3

(Click for part 1) (Click for part 2) (Click for part 3)

- - -

Maybe this time, it'll be loving they'll find, maybe now they can be more than just friends.

“When you first met me, did you ever think we'd become like this?” Yunho asked, his arms wrapped around Jaejoong's. Both were facing the beautiful sunset in a beach in Hawaii for their honeymoon.

“No, I didn't fall for you at first sight like all our fans tend to write on those fanfictions.” Jaejoong teased, as he snuggled deeper into the other's chest. “But I knew you'd be someone special.”

Yunho tightened his grip on the other. “How so?”

“I knew I had to keep that small face in my view, and that moobs.” Jaejoong laughed, “I needed someone to make me laugh just by seeing them.”

“So you think I'm a clown?” Yunho glared jokingly as he tickled Jaejoong and Jaejoong laughed, falling backwards onto the sand.

“Yah! Get off meeeeeeeeeeeee.” Jaejoong struggled below as Yunho continued tickling him, no plan of stopping.

Yunho didn't budge. “Not until you tell me what you really felt when we first met.”

“Fine fine, I'll tell you.” Jaejoong said laughing, and straightening up when Yunho finally stopped. “I knew we were going to be friends.”

Yunho sat up. “When I first looked at you, I knew we were going to be more than friends.”


“Because you look like a girl.”

“What is that supposed to mean?!' Jaejoong asked and Yunho just laughed.

They went on like that for the afternoon, just teasing each other about their youthful years.

“But you know what? It was really annoying.” Yunho said seriously, just as the sun began to set. They went back to their previous position, with both of them facing the beach, them seeing the orange pass by with the blue. It was all kinds of beautiful, the yellow, orange, blue and white, coming together to form one perfect color, and reflecting it in all ways possible.

“What was?”

“That I can't tell the world you're mine when we were still in DBSK. That when they ask me ahout our true relationship, I'd tell them them that we're just friends.” Yunho said, eyebrows ceased together.

Jae laughed. “But we're more than friends now, Yunho. We're married.”

“You're mine.” Yunho said as he kissed Jaejoong's hair, the sun already disappeared and the stars were starting to appear as the sky turned to a dark shade of blue.

“I'm yours.” Jaejoong agreed.


He's back in his life and it feels so right. Maybe this time, love won't end.


Jaejoong stirred in his sleep as he heard his name being called. He looked over to see Yunho sleep-talking; a habit that never ever changed.


“Yunho wake up, what is it?”

“Ughhhhh.” Yunho moaned, eyes still closed. “Jaejoong, faster.”

Jaejoong's eyes widened as he realized that Yunho was dreaming about. He chuckled\, seeing that he was having wet dreams about him. Yes, they've gotten married but they haven't done it yet on their vacation for their honeymoon since they were busy for the past 3 days: touring the island, going on couple walks along the beach and just staring at the sunset.

Jaejoong smirked as an idea popped onto his mind.

He leaned in to bite Yunho's ear and whispered. “Like this?”

Yunho answered with an even louder groan. “Yes, like that. Uhhhhhh. Feels so good boo.”

Jaejoong felt his own member stand up as Yunho continued moaning. He didn't want the Jaejoong in Yunho's dream to be the one pleasuring his husband, he wanted to be the one to. And so, he held Yunho's already standing member from outside the fabric of his pants and stroked it, slow and soft.

“Ahhhhhh jaejoong ahhhhhh.” Yunho shouts as he explodes his semen. Jaejoong feels the wetness of the cum, his hand still on top of the fabric just above Yunho's member. “I love you boo.”

“I love you too,” Jae answers, taking off Yunho's brief and licking the cum that was now drying up. Yunho's member eagerly stands up again. Jaejoong leans in and licks the tip of its head.

“AHH!” Yunho sat up and saw Jaejoong holding his member, his hands wrapped around it skillfully. “Boo, what are you doing?” Yunho asked, sweat all over his face, most probably from the wet dream he just had.

“Yunnieeeee~ who did you dream of?” Jaejoong asked, a smirk painted on his lovely face. He traced  a line from Yunho's thigh up to his chest up to his chin.

Yunho's eyes widened, knowing that Jaejoong heard or even knew, he remembered clearly of course. Jaejoong in a nurse uniform, coming at him, an injection in one hand, and a vibrator in the other. He placed the vibrator on Yunho's member as Yunho struggled to fight the urge to explode. Jaejoong added to the pleasure by slowly stroking him, Yunho kept begging him to go faster. And when Jaejoong did, he felt himself climax. “Um...”

“You dreamt of me, right?” Jaejoong smiled and kissed Yunho on the lips. Yunho eagerly responded and they maked-out, lapping tongues, exchanging salivas, lips fitting one another like pieces in a puzzle.

Yunho proceded to kiss Jaejoong's neck, and bit a spot just beside his birth mark. He bit and licked, and repeated the process until he saw a hickey show. Jaejoong was moaning, encouraging him to go down but Yunho refused to. “Jae, I'm tired. You tired me out in my dream.” Yunho joked.

“But what am I going to do with that?” He gestured to his standing member and pouted.

“Yunho, uhhh, please.” Jae moaned, he knew Yunho gets turned on by his moans.

Yunho had no other choice but to grant his Jaejoong's request. He kissed the edge of his husband's member, down to the base, licked up and down like a child eating his 1st ice cream, encircling his tongue on the whole of the member. His hands were on Jaejoong's balls, squeezing them, and when he felt that Jaejoong was ready, he slowly sucked on Jaejoong. Putting it inside his mouth and bobbing his head up and down. Jaejoong was moaning, squirming, pulling on Yunho's hair and encouraging him to go faster. Yunho did as he was told and in no time, Jaejoong was shooting his load. Yunho swallowed it without much ado.

“Yunnie, I need you in me now.” Jae pleads, all sweaty from the blow-job he received.

Yunho smiled and pulled Jae's pants back on. “Tomorrow, boo. I'm really tired.”

“But yunnie-”

“Tomorrow, I promise.” Yunho laid in bed and spread his arms out, waiting for Jaejoong to come join him in bed, literally. “Come on, let's just sleep for today, okay boo? I promise I'll take you for breakfast tomorrow.” Yunho teased and chuckled.

Jaejoong blushed but followed as he placed his head on Yunho's chest and wrapped his right arm around Yunho's waist. Yunho wrapped his arm around Jaejoong and  kissed his hair, smelling the scent he loved the most in this whole wide universe – Jaejoong. “We'll stay in bed tomorrow, but for now, let's just sleep in each other's arms.”

“We've been doing that for the last 2 years, Yunho.” Jaejoong answers, his head snuggling closer to Yunho's chest.

“...and we'll keep doing that for the rest of eternity.” Yunho smiles then yawns, playing on Jaejoong's hair.

“Can we really last forever?” Jaejoong also yawns.. He was starting to feel sleepy. They did a lot of tiring stuff today, scuba diving, shell-hunting and the the exhaustion was starting to dawn upon him now.

Yunho nodded and closes his eyes. “Of course. Our love won't end.”


“I promise, and I never break my promises, you know that.” Yunho warned as he leaned forward to kiss Jae's forehead.

“I know.”

“Jung Jaejoong..” Yunho called. He loved the sound of his surname with Jaejoong's name. It was perfect in his ears.


“Thank you for coming into my life.” Yunho says as he closes his eyes, preparing to fall asleep. “I love you. Have I told you that already?”

Jaejoong nods, and closes his eyes as well, drifting onto dreamland. “Countless times.”

“Then be prepared to here it for eternity.” Yunho manages to say before he dozes off.

They both slept with smiles on their faces, promises on their hearts, and each other in their arms. Everything was perfect. Both of them knew back in their trainee days till the height of their career as DBSK members that they've already found the right person, they just loved at the wrong time.

They faced multiple challenges, hardships and trials just to find the right time for them. All was worth it because they found a way.

Everyone has the right time to love and be happy...

...and from this moment onwards is theirs.

This won't end.


2nd A/N: Finally my first completed multi-shot here in LJ. Yay yay! <3 Thank you for those who commented and will comment, it means a lot, it helps me improve and also gives me inspiration to update and do more.

Anyway, thank you for reading! :D

Tags: drama, fic, rating: r, romance, triple-shot, yunjae
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